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Maze, created by YOP Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (YOP), is a global leading mobile equipment manufacturing company, providing professional OEM&ODM service (R&D /manufacture/ sales/ after-sales) of phones. Based in Shenzhen of China, with two factories plus a branch in Guizhou, Maze has been dedicated to developing innovative and reliable products.

Life is more than the sum of its parts. The mission of Maze is to offer a level of customer service that goes above and beyond customers' needs and expectations. Think Big, Move Fast.












Production Lines

Our Story

Maze took its name from HBO's Westworld (TV series). The mysterious maze in Westworld was created as a means for the androids to reach real consciousness, a symbol of eternity and rebirth.

The Chinese mobile phone industry has grown enormously over the last few decades and the future of the industry will look much different than the present state. Whether you are a customer or a business in the industry, it is imperative that you stay abreast of changes to ensure you are aware of what is next. So, here is why Maze brand starts.

Although the company started the business as an OEM&ODM manufacturer with a handful of employees, Maze owns a R&D team with more than 80 engineers. They are over 10-year working experienced people from HUAQIN, UNISCOPE and CELLON companies. For over the past couple of years, the company has been working with the best component suppliers and making a long-term cooperation from design to production. Maze is sworn to guarantee the premium quality and competitiveness.

Technology is seen everywhere, and Maze is committed to providing more advanced and competitive products to create a prosperous sustainable development future. With reliable products and services, talented people, and eco-friendly features, Maze will give you the power to do more on the go.

Our Team


Approximately 180 Employees


Approximately 650 Employees


Our Partner

We work very close with our technology partners to ensure the best quality product and services we provide.


Our Factory

Our History

Our Humble Beginnings

Established the office and the 1st factory in Shenzhen, advanced in OEM and ODM services, dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sales of mobile terminals.



Effective Cooperation in Asia

Became one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers and built our reputation in the Chinese mobile industry through past years development. Expanded our market to Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.



Received Good Evaluations  

Invested and created eco-industry chain. Thanks to reliable products at the best value, received the good evaluations from the customers.



Facing Startup Battles

Further scaled up our team and factories, with professional integrated manufacturing lines and production management staff, built the 2nd factory in Shenzhen, with annual output up to 3 million.



Regulating the Organizational Structure

In view of existing problems, coordinated the internal structure and created the 3rd factory in Guizhou. Meanwhile has built strategic partnership in the Philippines .



Maze Brand Born

Our Story Continues